www.9927.com       佛山市行进家具有限公司座落于“中国家具制造重镇”——广东省佛山市顺德区龙江镇。自1980年公司建立至今,历经三十余载,行进品牌始终对峙专业处置高级佳构实木家具设想、消费取贩卖的一体化运营,成绩实木典范品牌。
       行进家具对峙“以人为本,以诚信为先,以发明代价为枯”的核心理念,成为全部行进员工配合奋进的主旨。行进公司一向对峙立异的设想原则、严厉的质量管理和环保化的消费战略,产物工艺精深、品格优秀,顺遂经由过程了ISO9001-2000版国际质量认证,Ⅲ型绿色产物环保认证。近年来,曾被授与 “广东省名牌产品”、“天下知名品牌”、“佛山市质量诚信企业”等多项声誉,赢得了国内外消费者的同等好评。
      40年,关于行进来讲,是一个里程碑,也是一个新征程的出发点。天下逐日正在行进!行进家具,与时俱进!展望未来,行进公司满怀激情 ,取您配合奋进!

Foshan qianjin furniture co., LTD. Is located in longjiang town, shunde district, foshan city, guangdong province. Since the company was founded in 1980, after more than 30 years, qianjin brand has always adhered to the professional engaged in high-end high-quality solid wood furniture design, production and sales of integrated management, the achievement of the classic brand solid wood.
Qianjin company owns three series brands of "log family", "log zhendian" and "xindian" to meet the needs of high-grade consumer groups with different lifestyles. The products sell well at home and abroad, covering more than a dozen countries and regions around the world, the domestic market network has covered more than 90% of the first and second cities, more than 500 domestic and foreign marketing outlets, forming a multi-level, all-round network system.
Qianjin furniture adheres to the core concept of "people-oriented, integrity-oriented and value-creating", and has become the tenet for all qianjin employees to forge ahead together. Forward company has been adhering to the principle of innovative design, strict quality management and environmental protection production strategy, exquisite workmanship, superior quality products, successfully passed the ISO9001-2000 version international quality certification, Ⅲ type of green environmental protection product certification. In recent years, has been awarded "guangdong famous brand products", "national famous brand", "foshan quality integrity enterprise" and other honors, won the unanimous praise of consumers at home and abroad. Forty years is a milestone and the starting point of a new journey. The world moves forward every day! Advance furniture, advance with The Times! Looking forward to the future, forward company full of passion, and you forge ahead together!